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(CBS) Turns out Rihanna really meant what she was singing in her recent hit single "S&M." While speaking candidly to Rolling Stone magazine, the 23-year-old pop star has revealed some intimate details of her bedroom behavior.

"I like to take charge, but I love to be submissive," she says. "Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge. That's sexy to me." She adds, "I work a lot, and I have to make a lot of executive decisions, so when it comes to being intimate, I like to feel like I'm somebody's girl. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned - you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs. I'd rather have him use his hands."

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Despite breaking a window in their studio and squaring off with a producer in a shirtless rage, ABC wants nothing more than to stay in the Chris Brown business. Which explains why Robin Roberts still wishes him the best and told Gayle King that GMA had every intention of keeping the window incident “internal” and not reporting it. Because why would anyone need to know a violent woman-beater is still running around on a hair-trigger? Seems gratuitous. So, of course, their latest idea is to try and get Chris and Rihanna in the same room and film the ensuing aftermath for a prime-time special. E! News reports:

Indeed, sources at ABC have confirmed to me that producers want to “milk this event for everything its worth,” high moral news standards (and, one assumes, laws, especially those involving convicted felons and their subsequent behavior) be damned. And not only was Brown’s upcoming Dancing With the Stars appearance next week not canceled, as we predicted, guess what other media deal ABC wants to build with bad-boy Brown?
A reality show, perhaps?
“No, that would never happen here,” said a top-level ABC insider, who knows the current situation regarding Brown very well. “What’s far more likely is orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time.”

“A reality show? Oh, heavens, no. That would be unconscionable. What we’re looking to do is take the more ethical, moral approach of getting Rihanna a room and then wheeling Chris Brown out like he’s Hannibal Lecter. I’m talking the face mask and everything. After that, Robin Roberts will go over some ground rules, check his gloves for shards of glasses, etc. and then step into a bulletproof chamber. We just want to be a part of the healing process, you know? That’s the type of responsible journalism we believe in. Ha! A reality show. That’s rich.”


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Rihanna hasn’t been shy about answering questions about that dark night in February 2009 when she was assaulted by ex-boyfriend and fellow pop star Chris Brown, or its aftermath, but apparently, she finds talking about it “annoying.”

When a snippet of her interview for the January 2011 issue of British GQ magazine, in which she talks about leaving Brown, hit the internet this morning, a fan tweeted to Rihanna, saying she thinks it’s time the star stopped talking about the incident. “AGREED!” Rihanna replied.

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R&B superstar Rihanna has for the first time opened up regarding her fight with ex-partner Chris Brown that ended her relationship with him. The 22-year-old singer was beaten black and blue by Brown after she allegedly questioned him about a text messages which he received from an ex-girlfriend, Contactmusic reported.

Though Rihanna has spoken little about the incident, Brown who is still serving community service for his gruesome actions was found guilty of assaulting his then-partner.

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Rihanna opens up to CNN about her career, her future and the relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Be sure to watch the whole interview, it’s one of the best Rihanna interviews ever.

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Rihanna has had a difficult past 12 months in the aftermath of her assault by her ex-boyfriend. But the “Hard” superstar has endured, by being both outspoken about her experience in hopes of helping others and by channeling her experience into Rated R, her most rounded effort to date. She told MTV News last year that she “vented” on the project. Don’t expect her next album to be as dark as Rated R, though.

Rihanna said the follow-up, which has no timetable set yet, will be less intense. “Rated R, I love the sound of it, in terms of the bass,” Rihanna explained. “I really like the bottom, the grime of it. But if I were to combine that with more energetic, up-tempo pop records, then I think that will be a happy marriage. And that’s where we’ll probably go next.”

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“That’s embarrassing that that’s the type of person that I fell in love with,” Rihanna told “Good Morning America’s” Diane Sawyer in her first television interview discussing the assault. “So far in love. So unconditional that I went back. It’s humiliating to say this happened. To accept that? It’s a traumatizing experience.”
Her decision to go back to Brown, she said, was a mistake.


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Rihanna has sold more than 12 million albums, and has had four No. 1 songs, but now her fame revolves mostly around one fight.

The singer hopes that will change on Nov. 16, when her first live performance since her Feb. 8 assault is streamed worldwide by Nokia mobile music. And when her album “Rated R” drops a week later, she believes fans will have insight into what transpired between her and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in the wee hours of that morning.

“I can tell you that making this album was my recovery. It’s the way I vented and expressed myself,” a confident Rihanna said in our interview. “The minute I decided to leave the house again, I called up (Roc Nation A&R executive) Jay Brown and said ‘I want to do music, I want to go back in the studio,’ and we just did that. We started collecting songs and sounds and putting producers together, figuring out who we want to work with to develop new sounds.”


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Rihanna, a Glamour 2009 Woman of the Year, talks about how she coped after the Chris Brown assault in February and all the attention it caused. “I went to sleep as Rihanna and woke up as Britney Spears,” the singer says in December’s Glamour (out Nov. 10). “That was the level of media chaos that happened the next day.” She adds: “The positive thing that has come out of my situation is that people can learn from that. I want to give as much insight as I can to young women, because I feel like I represent a voice that really isn’t heard.” Rihanna will be honored at the magazine’s annual Women of the Year event Monday in New York.

“This happened to me. … It can happen to anyone,” the singer, 21, tells Diane Sawyer in an interview airing Thursday on Good Morning America and on 20/20 on Friday. Rihanna says it was particularly difficult because of the special place Brown held in her heart: “He was definitely my first big love.”

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According to ABC, “now, for the very first time, Rihanna tells her story”. This is going to happen on Good Morning America, next Thursday.

Click here to watch the video.


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After Rihanna has had her very public assault drama involving Chris Brown, people have been talking about her non-stop. Even after about nine months after the altercation.

Now, a friend of Jennifer Aniston, Ray Manzella has said that Rihanna needs to learn a thing or two from the actress.

Ray says of Aniston,

“Jen has her fair share of imperfect relationships but not one of those men was ever disrespectful to her physically. No one would dare lay a hand on her because they know they just couldn’t get away with it.”

He continued on to say that Rihanna should be given some lesson on that. “Hopefully that will rub off on Rihanna. She needs someone who can set the example that no woman should be treated with anything less than respect. I think Jen’s the one to do that.”

Even Aniston said,

“My friends come to me in tough times for advice. I am the go-to girl a lot but I love that. I love helping friends.


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Rihanna Rewind

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Life’s fabulous in the fast lane for Barbadian beauty Rihanna. The single songstress has been spotted out and about almost every day of the week. From New York City to London, we track her fashionable footsteps. Flip through her ultra-fab calendar.


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click the link for the article, my computer isn't letting me copy and paste it for some  reason. Honestly, I don't think he will ever have the same career again. What do you guys think? 
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because of this incident she canceled her concert in jakarta for the second times UUUUUURRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

but poor rihanna!!!

why chris brown was so meeeeeeeeaaaaan!!!!!!

Exclusive picture of Rihanna... with her Wig to cover her face & white rubber Case of BlackBerry Gold 8320...

Shortly after midnight, things blew up. Brown pulled his silver Lamborghini to the side of a street in L.A. 's Hancock Park neighborhood. That's when, per the source, Rihanna grabbed the car keys and tossed them out the window, sending Brown into a rage.
He tried in vain to find the keys, then came back to the car, put his hands around her neck and, according to the insider, said, "I'm going to kill you!"
According to the source, the 20-year-old "Disturbia" singer told police that she lost consciousness, and when she awoke, Brown had fled.
According to the source, her right eye was blackened and badly swollen and she had hand prints on her arms.


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