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rihanna_fan has a new affiliate:

[ profile] xtina_fans

If you're a fan of Christina Aguilera, feel free to check them out and join!
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The singer celebrates her twenty-third birthday today.
Many happy returns Ri-Ri!
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Dear Members of the Community:

You May or may not noticed that some images attached to articles (or not), particularly the one hosted by, van vanished and been replaced with the atypical "This Image has been Deleted or Moved" Message. It may be because is experiencing some sort of problem on their server again (which wouldn't surprise me), or are simply being jerks and removing randomly selected images on my account for whatever reasons that fall within the realms of "because we can" (which also wouldn't surprise me, but it does anger me).

Sufficed to say, I've done my best to replace the images lost or broken, but as it stands I can't possibly replace ever single one that's one down or will go down. All important links for the community (headers, signatures and promos) have been re-hosted elsewhere, but as it stands, until I get a response from Tinypic themselves, I can't do much about it :(.
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Greetings RiRi Fans! rihanna_fan has gained some new affiliates:

[ profile] beyonce_daily

[ profile] adamlambertetc

Check 'em out if your interested...
To affiliate with this community click here
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Wanna Affiliate with [ profile] rihanna_fan? Leave a Post here and you'll be added to the affiliate list in the User Profile. And I've created a little Community Pimpage here that you can copy and post wherever Advertisement for Communities and Journals are allowed!

Hello !

Dec. 27th, 2006 12:31 am
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Welcome to the first Rihanna community ! It's a part of - your best source for everything you need to know about Miss Fenty. Join to this community right now and have a great time with us ! You'll find here latest news, photos, icons and graphics ! Enjoy your stay and come back soon ! Kisses :*


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