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Rihanna is dominating the magazine circuit this era. After covering ‘Vogue’ for the second time, and stripping off for ‘GQ’s Men Of The Year issue, she scores Billboard‘s November 24th cover! The blurry cover is an outtake from her ‘Unapologetic’ album shoot and features the wig snatching headline ‘The World Is Hers’. Some of her astonishing achievements are listed on it. The best selling digital artist of all time has sold 8.7 million albums and 58 million tracks. Not bad for someone aged just 24, and whom has been around for just seven years!

Rihanna is currently on her ’777′ tour, a flying seven-day trip around the globe that will bring her to intimate venues. The first show kicked off on Wednesday in Mexico, and she played Toronto last night. Today, she plays Stockholm, and tomorrow it’s Paris. On Sunday, it’s Berlin and on Monday, it’s London. Then on Tuesday, her last show will take place in New York which is when the new album drops in stores! [SOURCE]
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Rihanna shows off her hot body on the cover of GQ‘s December 2012 issue.

“GQ’s man of the year?! When will your fave? #histoRih #GQ,” the 24-year-old singer wrote on her Instagram.

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Rihanna sexes up the cover of Rolling Stone and shows how cheeky she is. The singer wears a white vest and spray on shorts for the music magazine and the 24 year-old has got all the curves in all the right places.

Rihanna, who has been hit with poor ticket sales for her concert shows, is branching out to other music genres’ fans. RiRi and Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland are scheduled to duet Ri’s song “California King Bed” at the first ever fan-jam on the 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards show, Sunday April 3rd. [SOURCE]
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Rihanna's red hair is really growing on us and it’s gotten the approval of Vogue's very own Anna Wintour!

Rihanna covers the April issue of Vogue Magazine, captured by famed photog Annie Leibovitz. During the shoot, the Barbados beauty was so psyched for her very first Vogue cover that she tweeted: #Just wrapped my first American Vogue cover shoot with Annie Leibovitz Rah! #SEXY.” Although the tweet was deleted minutes after, the cover is finally here for us to see!

The 23-year-old songstress looks like a gorgeous mermaid in the embellished dress.What do you think about Rihanna on the cover of April’s Vogue magazine? Make it pop or make it stop? [SOURCE]
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‘Only Girl’ songstress Rihanna is looking totally fiery hot on the cover of British GQ magazine (January 2010 issue). The 22-year-old is pictured lying seductively on a bed of roses in skimpy undies. The new spread was shot in London a few weeks ago during her European promo. In the interview with GQ, the saucy singer worries that her consistent sexy image may bother fans:

“Girls don’t like to see other girls dressed sexy. I get that. People see my ass out and my boobs out, so it can get a little irritating”.

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Rihanna and Kanye West have made beautiful music together in the past; they share a Grammy for “Run This Town” with Jay-Z and Rihanna is the butter on the bread that is Ye’s “All of the Lights.” But the two came together for another reason entirely for the latest issue of Interview Magazine. Kanye West played one of his most hated figures — journalist — to interview Rihanna for the cover story.

The admiration Ye has for his little sister is clear in the questions he asks. “How does it feel to know you could have any man in the world? Or woman. How does it feel to know that you can turn straight women gay?” Ye asked. “No one woman should have all that power.”

Through the rest of the interview, the flowery cover for it is above, Rihanna tells Kanye about not showing too much vulnerability in this business, fashion, and starting a family (“If I had a girl, she’d probably be really rebellious. She would be like a bundle of karma.”). See photos from the cover shoot here and read the interview here.

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Rihanna is glitzy and glamorous in a Mark Fast dress as she graces the cover of Marie Claire UK’s December 2010 issue! The 22-year-old Loud singer accessorized with Solange Azagury-Partridge earrings for the sexy shoot. Marie Claire UK’s new issue comes out on Thursday (October 28)!

Over the weekend, a snippet of Kanye West’s new track, “All of the Lights,” was released! Ri sings on the cut, which should be included on Kanye’s new record, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. [SOURCE]

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Lets get excited! Rihanna is featured on the latest cover of Sunday Magazine printed in Australia! Adel sent us a brand new, never seen before photo shoot from it. Read below an interview from the set. I’ve added also the magazine cover and behind the scenes pictures (click here for the video).


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Many thanks to Rogger for sending us few pictures from the amazing W Magazine shoot in high quality. I need to say that so far it’s the best photoshoot from “Rated R” era. It’s edgy and classy! And that’s what we love about miss RiRi! Click on the Image to View the High Quality Scans:


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