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The nominations for the 2012 MTV EMA are in and Rihanna leads the nominations with 6 nods. Taylor Swift is next with 5 nominations.

RiRi and Swift will battle it out for the Best Female and Best Pop gongs, and will go against other well-known trend-setters in the brand new Best Look category – which highlights the most unique and eye-catching personal styles emanating from the music world. The Bajan babe is also up for Best Song and Best Video for her smash hit We Found Love and Biggest Fans, while Swift received nods for Best Live and Best World Stage. MTV will announce EMA performers and presenters at a later date.

Beginning today, Monday, September 17th, viewers can vote for EMA categories such as Best New, Best Live and more by visiting online or on their mobile phones. Voting for EMA categories is open now until 11:59PM CET on Friday, November 9th, 2012. The 2012 MTV EMA will air live from Frankfurt’s Festhalle on Sunday, 11 November at 9pm CET.


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Rihanna’s 6th album, “Talk That Talk“, has become her 5th consecutive platinum album in the United States, which means it has sold over 1 million copies since its November 2011 release.

The album spawned the worldwide smash singles “We Found Love” & “Where Have You Been“, as well as the urban hits “Birthday Cake” & “Talk That Talk”.

“Talk That Talk” has sold around 3.2 million copies worldwide.

Congratulations, RiRi!

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Chase & Status have revealed that they could feature on Rihanna’s next album. The duo said that they recently met up with her to discuss producing songs for her next studio LP. Will Kennard said: “We hope so. We saw her recently and caught up with her at the O2 a few months ago and we talked about it then. She’s always looking to write on interesting sides of music. It’s just finding the time really, we’re still artists as well as producers.”

Chase & Status previously collaborated with Rihanna on 2009′s “Rated R” and her latest record “Talk That Talk”. Chase & Status previously collaborated with Rihanna on 2009′s “Rated R” and her latest record “Talk That Talk”. Watch the pair talk about working with Rihanna at the Brit Awards below [READ MORE]
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Rihanna was seen yesterday evening recording Jonathan Ross show. It is said she’s going to perform “Talk That Talk” for the very first time! The show was pre-taped yesterday and will be shown on March 3rd. Don’t miss it!

In other news Rihanna has just left London and is on her way to… we will see ;-) [READ MORE]
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Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” remix featuring Chris Brown has debuted at this week’s Billboard Hot 100 chart at #63. The track has been added to iTunes and is gaining great radio updates daily.

“We Found Love” remains in the Top 10 at No. 6. The track is Rihanna’s biggest Billboard hit, click here to check them all. [SOURCE]
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Via 4Music: “Talk That Talk” is Rihanna’s sixth studio album and, according to her manager, Jay Brown, her desire to keep recording is driven by her love of music and her wish to satisfy demand from her fans. Introducing the album at SARM Studios in London’s Notting Hill, Jay Brown said she was right to keep on releasing albums as “kids are always looking for new music.”

He also revealed plans for her to shoot the video for her next single “You Da One” in London and confirmed that they’re talking to Melina Matsoukas, who was at the helm on the “We Found Love” shoot, about possible concepts. When asked about her plans for 2012, Brown said Rihanna would be promoting her movie debut Battleship, which is due for release in the UK on 18 April, and would begin work on a second big screen project towards the end of the year.

Via BBC:
“I think you become disposable when you put out an album every three years. It’s not like we force her. She goes into the studio because she likes it. Nobody, when they’re buying an album, wants to skip over tracks. If there are too many songs, you dilute what you’re trying to do. When we were deciding the tracks to put on there, I wasn’t thinking about minutes and seconds. I just wanted to make sure it was all hits,” said Jay Brown.

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