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Dear Rihanna,

In this special day we would like to wish you all your dreams come true, happiness and even more success in your life! Let the party never stop and let there always be joy in heart! Happy Birthday!

Fans, don’t forget to tweet #HappyBDayRihanna today! Lets make it a Trending Topic! Also remember to request “Rude Boy” and purchase it from iTunes!! You may post your birthday wishes in comments to this post, the best one will be published later.

UPDATE: #HappyBDayRihanna is a Trending Topic in Brazil since yesterday! Now #HappyBirthdayRihanna needs to be a worldwide trending topic! Don’t stop tweeting, fans! The world needs to know is RiRi’s special day!

UPDATE: #HappyBirtdhdayRihanna is a Trending Topic in the US and UK now!

UPDATE: #HappyBdayRihanna is now a worldwide Trending Topic! Good job, fans! Be sure to follow Rihanna Daily on Twitter!

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With a new hairstyle, Rihanna made her Middle East debut, bringing in 2010 in true style in what promised to be the ultimate New Year’s Eve celebration for Abu Dhabi. And indeed it was! Rihanna transformed the West Lawn of Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace, into a pulsing dance-floor of over 15,000 party-goers.

Pictures links:
Videos links:
  • Fan videos by 3delemo: click here. Make sure to watch all them, Rihanna’s voice sounds amazing! By clicking here you can watch another video of RiRi on drums.



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